Katherine Bird: The Nest
Katherine Bird: The Nest
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About Us

Healing, channeling and mediumship, self-care and self-mastery, being an empowered empath and a successful healing and spiritual practitioner, developing effective energetic and spiritual practices, personal Alchemy and creative work are anchors for my life and what I am here to teach. 

Group forums to discuss concepts and practices, share breakthroughs, ask questions and bring your truth.

Tell us what you are working on, share your experiences and be vulnerable in a group of people who actually get it.

The courses that you have purchased will be seen here as 'groups'. Only those that have purchased a course may be in the group. If you are interested in a course you can find them all on katherinebird.com

 Please join the relevant groups. 

The main 'nest' is for further connection.

Please see this as a collaborative field. You are powerful and wise.

Please be in practice of asking consent before sharing channeled information for someone else (if it's about your experience, go right ahead!).

We anchor in kindness, inclusiveness and empathy in this space.

This is a safe space for LGBTQ+, BIPOC and all people. I actively engage in anti-racism inner work and work to address my privilege and societal programming.  

Grounded spirituality is key. 

Confidentiality is to be held. 

Assume that everyone has positive intent. 

Being an ethical practitioner is of high importance.